This or That: Which nursing sports bra is right for you?

This or That: Which nursing sports bra is right for you?

How do you know which nursing sports bra is right for you?

You've gotten to the point where you know you need a nursing sports bra.

Maybe your current sports bra is too tight, your nursing bra isn't supportive enough or you're frustrated with trying to breastfeed in a regular sports bra.

Whatever the case may be, there's good news!

You can find a nursing sports bra that will give you the right amount of support, while also being breastfeeding-friendly.

So the question is, how do you choose which nursing sports bra is right for you?

Here are a few things to consider...

1. What will you use your nursing sports bra for?

The first thing to consider is use. What do you hope to use your nursing sports bra for?

This might sound obvious - well for working out, duh! But let me go over some of the other uses.

(A) For working out. Even within this category, consider whether you want a nursing sports bra for higher intensity, higher impact workouts (like HIIT and running) or lower impact activities (like walking, yoga and pilates). 

(B) For every day. Having the support a nursing sports bra provides is a great option for every day wear. Instead of uncomfortable nursing bras with underwire, or the cheaper options that have no support, wearing a nursing sports bra (especially if it's adjustable) can be just the right balance for comfort, support and convenience.

(C) As a nursing swimsuit. Do you plan to head to the beach with your little one? You can use a nursing sports bra as a nursing swimsuit! Something to consider if you're going to do this is the style of the nursing sports bra (go with a cuter one that can pass as a swim top). 

2. What style of nursing sports bra are you looking for?

This can once again be related to what you will be using your nursing sports bra for.

Do you plan to wear just leggings with it? If so, you might want to choose one that has cute details (e.g. a strappy-back or open-back design). 

3. What support level do you need in a nursing sports bra?

This comes back to your purpose for the nursing sports bra. If you plan to do higher intensity workouts (e.g. HIIT or running), you will want a higher impact nursing sports bra.

If you are looking for an every day nursing sports bra that will give you enough support for the day-to-day and low impact workouts (e.g. barre, pilates, walking), choose a nursing sports bra that offers low to mid-impact support. 

4. Consider other features that the nursing sports bra offers

When looking to invest in a nursing sports bra, consider other features it offers. For example:

  • Can it be worn different ways? (e.g. halter back vs straight)
  • Is it adjustable? (this is great for expanding in pregnancy and also during breastfeeding as breast-size changes)
  • Is it made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric?
  • What have other customers said about it?

In conclusion...

If you are frustrated with sports bras that don't allow you to breastfeed, or nursing bras that don't support you, I highly recommend trying a nursing sports bra!

From every day use, to HIIT workouts at the gym, there is a nursing sports bra out there that will give you the support, style, comfort and convenience you need.



A fellow nursing sports bra fan (aka. Kelsey)