10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Not sure what to get your mom for Christmas this year? This list should help!

From sparkly to thoughtful, this list should give you some great ideas of what to get your mom for Christmas this year.

First up, we have…


Instead of going with regular jewelry (which, if you’ve run out of time, I’m sure she would love that too!), consider getting your mom jewelry that also holds sentimental value.

Think about the people she’s closest to (you, your siblings, her grandkids, etc.), and decide on a way you could incorporate your initials, birth months, etc. into a piece of jewelry.

For example, you could have a personalized necklace made with her birth month (or yours), you could get her a bracelet with initials engraved on the back of it, or a necklace or bracelet that combines the birth months of all her kids. 

*A helpful tip: Search online for “personalized jewelry” for more inspiration and where you can have it made. 



What mom doesn’t enjoy being pampered?

Moms are usually running around doing everything for everyone else, so a great Christmas gift idea for moms is time where she can relax.

A great way to prepare for her spa day? Make sure that the things she is stressed out about (e.g. the messy house, the piles of laundry, the groceries, or anything else that’s relevant to her) is taken care of, so that she can truly relax during her time at the spa.

*Note: if a spa day is too expensive, consider gifting her an at-home spa day. Set up candles, a nice bathrobe, nail polish, a face mask and a bubble bath, and take the kids out so she can enjoy some relaxing downtime on her own. 



Mealtimes can hold so much sentimental value.

As a Christmas gift for your mom, put together a collection of your family’s favorite recipes and organize them into a beautiful recipe book.

Feel free to add little notes or memories alongside each of the dishes!


Does she love flowers? Get her an annual subscription of them! This way the gift keeps on giving, long after the Christmas season is over.

You can also get monthly subscriptions to things like self-care items, books and yummy treats or meals. 


If your mom isn’t as much into gifts, something sentimental like this might be just what she’s hoping for!

For a memory jar, work together with your siblings and other family members to fill a jar with photos, notes and mementos that represent special moments with your mom from over the years. 



If you have a skillset in this area, why not consider making your mom her own cozy quilt, blanket, or even a toque & mitts.

You can make it more personalized by adding her favorite colors or using embroidered messages.  



Does your mom enjoy cooking, or learning new recipes?

Then a great Christmas gift idea for her could be a cooking class! These are offered in-person and online, so choose whichever you think she would enjoy more.

Note: As something extra special, ask one of your mom’s friends if they would like to do the cooking class with her. This way she can learn a new recipe and have fun visiting with her friend at the same time!


Photos speak a thousand words, and I’m sure your mom would love to see some favorite memories displayed in a family album!

Get other family members to send you their favorite photos, and put them together into an album and print it. You can use online platforms such as VistaPrint and Shutterfly to easily create photo albums.

*Note: As something extra special, leave a few blank pages at the end of the photo album where everyone in the family can write a loving message to mom. 


Similar to creating a family photo album, you can create a family calendar fill with photos and special events!

For this, you will still need to collect relevant photos from family members (digital is easiest), and then you will compile them into a calendar that your mom can enjoy looking at all year long!


Maybe, at the end of the day, your mom would enjoy shopping and buying something for herself. 

If that’s the case, consider getting her a gift card to somewhere she can find some cute, comfy activewear, somewhere she can choose her own jewelry, or somewhere she can find home decor.

The takeaway…

Whatever you gift your mom this Christmas, I’m sure she will appreciate! Showing up and putting in the effort is worth a lot :)

Hopefully you found this list of Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms helpful!

Until next time,