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B. (the Bella Nursing Sports Bra)

I bought this at Nest and Sprout in PG, but… it’s my favourite nursing bra I’ve ever gotten. It’s so comfy and supportive, and I love the colour I got it in. I was reluctant to spent so much for a nursing bra, but I seriously hated all of my other bras I got at different stores. Now I’m angry I took so long to buy a proper bra.

Breda Marion R. (the Anytime Nursing Hoodie)

Love this hoodie! I wish I had it when I was pregnant but it is the perfect nursing, exercise hoodie. High quality materials, comfortable, breathable, and stylish!

Kaylin S. (the Timeless Maternity & Nursing Tank Top)

LOVE this top! The design makes it so easy to nurse in and the material is so comfortable and soft! I think I'm just going to live in this tank top from here on out;)

Jennifer V. (the Bella Nursing Sports Bra)

Loving it! Made such a difference with good support for working out. No more blocked ducts post workout. Super comfortable and easy access for feeding. I love the color and wear this bra all the time! 

Michelle E.

Both of the nursing bras I purchased fit perfectly and are so comfortable. They are true to size and are easy to nurse in while I am at the gym. I love these bras!

Meagan G. (the Anytime Nursing Hoodie)

I recently wore it while travelling and it was very comfy and kept me just the right temperature with its silky softfabric. The pocket, hood, thumbholes, and hand covers are also so nice to have, especially when the weather is unpredictable! I did size up and that provided a good fit at 25 weeks pregnant. Definitely becoming one of my go to pieces!

Nursing sports bras

Camille A.

Obsessed with this! Wish I knew about this brand after my first baby was born, I tried so many nursing sports bras and they were either way too restricting and painful, or offered little support. This one is so comfortable, fits well, doesn’t leave any awkward bra lines, and makes me feel good in my weird postpartum body. Can’t recommend enough! (The Bella Nursing Sports Bra)

Tara S.

This is the best nursing sports bra by FAR! I wish I had it when I had my first baby, but ended up getting it when I was nursing my second baby. It is so unbelievably comfortable —very supportive for workouts, but so comfortable I also wear it as my primary nursing bra all day long, too! It has just the right amount of coverage, without being too much, for larger chests. (The Bella Nursing Sports Bra)

Elizabeth H.

Absolutely in LOVE with this nursing sports bra!! I bought two of them and they are definitely my preferred option. The fit is so comfortable and I can do high-impact workouts without worry. The back is beautiful and I love the design with open back shirts. These sports bras make me feel attractive in my four month postpartum body!

Kaylin S.

Honestly, the best sports bra I've ever owned!!

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