How to create a maternity capsule wardrobe

How to create a maternity capsule wardrobe

How to build a maternity capsule wardrobe

Fashion during pregnancy doesn’t have to be complicated.

As your body changes, you will want to have some new staple pieces that make you feel, and look, good. These can be paired with pieces you already have to create a beautiful maternity capsule wardrobe.

Let’s start with the basics

You will need some basics, such as supportive maternity bras, comfortable maternity leggings, maternity underwear and comfortable footwear. 

What to look for in a maternity bra

During pregnancy, your body will change and your ribs will expand. This can make your regular bras incredibly uncomfortable by the end of your pregnancy.

To solve this, choose a maternity bra that is adjustable. This way you can adjust it throughout your pregnancy as needed.

It’s also important to choose a supportive maternity bra. Most women find that their breasts grow during pregnancy, so you will want some extra support for the girls!

How to find the best maternity leggings for you

This depends on your lifestyle and needs. If you are an active person, you may want to invest in some maternity workout leggings.

If you are working, you may want some maternity leggings that are seamless or minimal in design, to pair with a nice top or sweater for work.

For when you are going out or want to be hands free, maternity leggings with pockets are also a good idea.

Leakproof Maternity underwear

Like it or not, a lot of us moms experience bladder leaks during pregnancy. When you go to buy maternity underwear, make sure you find some leakproof maternity underwear too!

Believe me, having leakproof maternity underwear for your pregnancy will save you a lot of awkward situations and frustration.

Footwear during pregnancy

The main focus here is comfort, comfort and more comfort. 

During pregnancy, you will feel all sorts of aches and pains, so the last thing you want to do is choose to wear footwear that causes more discomfort!

Opt for quality over quantity and invest in a couple of different styles of shoes for the different areas of your life. For example:

  1. Casual shoes - slip-on sneakers (tying shoes gets more difficult in late pregnancy!)
  2. Work shoes - stylish flats
  3. Going out shoes - low heeled boots (as long as they’re comfortable!)

Once you have the basics, let’s add a few more items

Once you have a supportive maternity bra, comfortable maternity leggings, leakproof maternity underwear and comfortable footwear, it’s time to add some other important items.

The key here is to stick with neutral colors that pair well together. 

Maternity tops

Choose maternity tops that are versatile (ones that can go from casual to formal more easily).

Some great examples are neutral-colored maternity tank tops and t-shirts. These can pair well with a cardigan or light jacket and some maternity leggings or jeans.

If you want to add more color and interest, you can add things like jewelry, a hat, a scarf or a purse. 

Maternity dresses

If you plan to do a maternity photoshoot, invest in a maternity dress you love. Once again, I highly recommend shopping local for this so that you can try the dress on.

If you are pregnant in the summer, get a casual maternity dress or two that will keep you feeling cool and looking amazing (e.g. a wrap dress or empire waist design). 

Maternity outerwear

This will depend on the season. 

An advantage of warmer seasons is that you can keep your jacket unbuttoned or unzipped and don’t have to worry about it fitting around your pregnant belly. 

Some great options for maternity outerwear in the Spring/Summer:

  • Lightweight cardigans
  • Sweaters
  • Lightweight jackets

If you will be near the end of your pregnancy during the Winter, you have a few options:

  1. You can buy a new, larger jacket that will fit for your entire pregnancy.
  2. You can buy a maternity jacket like this one (or this long puffer one).
  3. You can purchase a jacket extender and use it to expand your own winter jackets to wear throughout pregnancy. 

Maternity jeans

These can be pricey, but are worth investing in if you want to have a variety of outfits you can wear during your pregnancy. 

I recommend shopping local in your area for your maternity jeans so you can try them on. Ask the staff about different options to see which style you prefer.

You can also shop online for a great selection of maternity jeans. 

Now for accessories!

It may feel as though your maternity wardrobe is a fraction of the size of your regular wardrobe, but fear not!

Adding accessories, such as scarves, hats, jewelry and belts can make it feel like you have more options and can add interest.

With the base layers of your maternity capsule wardrobe, you chose mainly neutral colors, so now you can add some more color and interest with your accessories. 

Consider Postpartum too

If you plan to breastfeed, consider this when purchasing items for your maternity capsule wardrobe. If you can find tops that are pregnancy and breastfeeding-friendly, you will save time (and money) in the end.

And, there you have it.  Creating a maternity capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be intimidating! 

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