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5 Things to do to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day as a Mom

How to enjoy Valentine's Day as a Mom...

Let me just preface this by saying… if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (for various reasons), that’s okay! 

The important thing here is to spend quality time celebrating with your loved ones at some point

So if you decide to do this monthly or weekly, or on special occasions, that’s up to you! 

Here is our list of 5 Things to do to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day as a Mom:

#1. Cherish the little things your kids try to do for you

Whether it’s simply snuggles, hugs and kisses, try to take the time to stop and enjoy them.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our endless “to-do list”, so allow yourself to stop and take in all of the cuddles.

Or maybe your kids are old enough to make you a card or craft.

Celebrate it with them!

Tell them how much you appreciate it and watch them light up.

#2. Plan a special activity as a family

Why not celebrate special occasions together as a family? Most little ones would love to go on a “date” with their parents!

You could...

  • Go out for a snack or meal
  • Make a special treat or meal at home
  • Do an outdoor activity like skating, sledding, etc.
  • Or an indoor activity like painting, play dough, building towers, etc.

Or maybe your kids love arts & crafts - you could make cards or draw pictures together as a family that show what love looks like in all sorts of different relationships. 


#3. Plan something together with just your significant other

If you’re able to get a babysitter the week leading up to, or the week following, Valentine’s Day, go for a date!

That time together as a couple is so important - for your relationship and for the entire family.

Marriage is tough enough as it is, and adding kids to the mix can make it that much harder.

Having time for just the two of you can help rekindle the romance you experienced before becoming parents.

Ask each other what would make the other person feel loved and then plan something that would include those kinds of things. 


#4. Discuss your expectations with your partner in advance

There’s nothing like telling yourself you’re not expecting anything, but then being upset on Valentine’s Day (or other special occasions) when your significant other doesn’t do anything for you…

It’s important to clearly communicate what would make you both feel special and loved (even though this will likely look different for each of you).

Is it a card? A gift? Something that’s for both of you? Like a trip or a night out. A back massage? A nice meal at home? Ordering dinner in and watching a movie?

Make sure you give each other enough time to prepare.

Also, remember that February 14th is an arbitrary date and the point here is that you spend quality time together.

So if you want until the end of February or even the beginning of March, that’s 100% okay!

Having something planned in advance means you can look forward to it and know that you have something special to do together to celebrate. 


#5. Feeling burnt out? Plan time for yourself.

Let’s be honest here… a lot of us moms are burnt out a lot of the time.

Sure, maybe sometimes we have help and someone else comes alongside us to carry the mental load of motherhood… but chances are, most of us could still use a break to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Whether we are touched out, overtired, overworked or overwhelmed, having a break is nice (and necessary). 

This shouldn’t be part of your “gift” per se, but discuss your expectations with your spouse around having you time.

Ask for an hour, a morning, a full day, or whatever you and your spouse are able to work out.

Plan something for yourself during this time where you won’t be interrupted and you can feel rejuvenated after (at least a little bit, anyways!). 


In summary...

Maybe your list looks a little different, but we hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day this year and have a chance to show love to others, to feel loved by others and to find a little time for yourself. 

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