6 benefits of nursing sports bras

6 benefits of nursing sports bras

The Benefits of Wearing a Nursing Sports Bra

Being a mom changes you. Sure, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it does so in the best ways, but it’s a beautiful transformation for the most part!

One of the things that changes is your body. From pregnancy to labor and delivery to postpartum, your body does some pretty amazing things. So make sure you give it grace as it changes to become the new you.

As your body goes through these changes, comfort is key, especially when it comes to clothing choices. 

One essential item that can make a significant difference in your daily life is a nursing sports bra. 

In this blog, we will explore the numerous benefits of nursing sports bras, from staying active to prioritizing comfort and breast health.

Benefit #1 of nursing sports bras: unmatched comfort

Nursing sports bras are designed with soft, breathable materials that prioritize your comfort. 

The stretchy, yet supportive fabric accommodates changes in breast size. This makes nursing sports bras a great fit for the fluctuating breast-size in both pregnancy as well as postpartum. 

Some nursing sports bras even come with adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable band. These features give you even more comfort as your breast-size fluctuates throughout motherhood. 

Benefit #2 of nursing sports bras: optimal support

After having a baby, our breasts are never quite the same again… not that I mean to scare you, it’s just a reality of having these precious kiddos!

As our breasts change, the bras we wear need to change too. Having a supportive nursing bra like a nursing sports bra can help to minimize bounce and discomfort in your day-to-day activities as well as during exercise.

If you are an active mom, having a nursing sports bra is essential! By being able to exercise with the full support of a nursing sports bra and also be able to nurse your baby whenever and wherever, you are more likely to succeed in your postpartum fitness journey. And who doesn’t want to succeed and feel amazing?

Benefit #3 of nursing sports bras: easy access for nursing

Along with their comfy material and unparalleled support, nursing sports bras are amazing for easy breastfeeding access.
No more struggling to take off a regular sports bra that’s sticky with sweat. A nursing sports bra will be easy to nurse in, even if you just finished a HIIT workout. 

Benefit #4 of nursing sports bras: versatility for everyday life

Nursing sports bras aren’t limited to the gym or yoga class. Their support, comfort and easy nursing access allows you to wear them all day long, no matter the activity. 

Whether you're running errands, meeting friends, or relaxing at home, nursing sports bras will be your new best friend.

Benefit #5 of nursing sports bras: boosting confidence

As a new mom, your confidence may go through ups and downs. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

I remember, as a new (first-time) mom, feeling so discouraged postpartum. I really wanted to exercise to help my mind and body feel better. But every time I wore a regular sports bra I would either get interrupted by my son wanting to nurse (and I’d never finish my workout), or I would get blocked milk ducts as a result of the sports bra!

Neither of those outcomes boosted my confidence.

Now, wearing a nursing sports bra (pretty much 24/7) has made me feel so much less frustrated and so much more confident

I sneak in mini workouts when I can throughout the day, I feed my baby easily in between, and I never feel saggy and frumpy in my nursing sports bra :)

Benefit #6 of nursing sports bras: style

This probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wearing a nursing sports bra - but it’s possible!

Some nursing sports bras have come a long way in bringing you stylish options.

First off, they are more supportive than a lot of traditional nursing bras, so that alone will make you look (and feel) better (bye-bye saggy boobs). 

Second, you can now get super cute, flattering nursing sports bras in various styles and colors to match your outfit (or your mood).

So if you’re tired of feeling saggy, frumpy and grumpy, it’s time to upgrade to a nursing sports bra. Your body, your mind and your boobs will thank you. 


Kelsey (fellow mom & nursing sports bra advocate)