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A new brand with experience

Formerly 'Be Active Maternity', we recently rebranded to Joyleta. Our goals & passions remain unchanged: to help moms find their joy of movement by providing them comfortable, supportive maternity and nursing activewear.

Our Goals, Made Simple

Be authentic

We like to keep it real at Joyleta. Our products speak for themselves through customer reviews & testimonials.

Be honest & respectful

Your feedback helps us to design better products and to find ways to support moms in experiencing the joys of movement.

Be accepting

Everyone is welcome. Moms of all types, sizes and backgrounds can find something at Joyleta.

Feel your best

Start feeling your best with Joyleta

At Joyleta, we want you to feel your best - as a mom and as an individual. To feel your best, you need to find ways to move that you enjoy. That’s hard to do when your current maternity clothing is restrictive, uncomfortable and unsupportive. That’s why we've created maternity and nursing activewear that is versatile, comfortable and supportive. This allows you to focus on the things that matter - like your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. So choose your Joyleta outfit today, so you can stop feeling restricted and start feeling your best.

How We Got Here

From humble beginnings to proudly promoted activewear.

May 2019

Is this really it?

Shortly after our first son was born, the struggle became real. The struggle of being a new mom, of course, but also of not being able to find nursing clothing that I loved.

June 2019

Pause for a second

Motherhood is challenging. So for a time, I gave up. As we often do as moms, I put my dreams on hold. But this wasn't the end of the story.

December 2020

New Year's Eve

Pregnant with our second, I struggled to work out with my restrictive maternity wear, and I figured I couldn't be the only one. I wanted to help other moms find clothing that they could wear to move more and feel good in. This is how Joyleta was born.

January 2021

But why?

Why did I start Joyleta? Because I knew how much movement had improved the quality of my own life, and I wanted other moms to be able to live their best life too. I didn't want restrictive clothing holding them back.

November 2021

Official Launch

After months of planning, we officially launched. It's been so rewarding to see other moms reap the benefits of movement in their Joyleta wear. I hope you will find your joy of movement too.

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