Woman showing cute bow-tie back of black maternity and nursing tankini swimsuit from Joyleta.

Tired of missing out?

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t go in the pool or lounge at the beach because you don’t have a maternity bathing suit?

Not having a well-fitted maternity bathing suit can leave you feeling frustrated and like you're missing out on all the fun. 

Joyleta will soon be launching a black maternity bathing suit that you won’t want to miss! This maternity two piece swimsuit doubles as a nursing swimsuit and provides a flattering fit for both pregnancy as well as postpartum.

It is a beautifully designed black maternity bathing suit with a cute bow at the back and fine detailed gold nursing clasps on the front.

This maternity and nursing tankini is fully adjustable - from adjustable maternity swimsuit bottoms to an adjustable underbust bow and adjustable shoulder straps. 

It offers all of the convenience of a maternity two piece swimsuit, with the coverage of a maternity one piece swimsuit. 

Without a maternity bathing suit you feel comfortable in, you’ll be left feeling uncomfortable or, worse yet, like you’re missing out on all the fun.

This maternity and nursing tankini will help you to feel and look your best, while making sure you aren’t missing out on all the fun.

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Q & A’s

1. What color is the maternity bathing suit?
To start, it will be available in black with gold nursing clasps.

2. Will the maternity two piece swimsuit also work for breastfeeding
Definitely! We’ve designed this classic black maternity bathing suit to meet your needs during pregnancy, postpartum and as a nursing friendly swimwear option as well.

3. Does Joyleta have swimsuits for nursing moms?
We will soon! Our nursing tankini will be arriving in June 2023.

4. I’m looking for a maternity bathing suit near me - do you offer in store shopping?  We do! Contact us at hello@joyleta.com to set up an appointment.


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